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About Us

The mission of the Time To Fly Foundation (TTF) is to help abused women regain their God given worth, break the generational cycle of dating/domestic abuse, and strengthen the family unit. TTF started with an inspired dream from a two bedroom apartment. In 2000, after healing from an emotionally abusive marriage that sadly ended in divorce Michele R. Jones made the tough decision to leave the corporate Fortune 100 world as a senior executive and devote her experience to develop and launch the Time To Fly Foundation. 

The vision is to globally see countless lives restored from the devastation of dating and domestic abuse.  Since inception, TTF serves over a thousand women in the Washington Metropolitan Area using holistic approach of both spiritual and practical life skills training. 

TTF’s unique prevention and intervention training model has created national and global demand for the program. Time To Fly is actively preparing to meet that demand in 2018.

 Participants of the TTF domestic abuse prevention and intervention program,candidly share “with a national average of $125/ hour for private consulting time, the registration fee for the course is minimal for INVALUABLE long lasting results!”

Funding is also provided by corporate matching gifts, private donors, small businesses, and grants to offset participant expenses.  Program graduates and their children report overcoming depression, low self-esteem, anger, suicidal thoughts, phobias, and attraction to unhealthy relationships by applying the program principals.

The work of TTF is recognized on the Federal, State and local level as an effective model to help women regain self-worth and self-sufficiency towards becoming productive citizens within their communities. The work of TTF was featured in the Department of Justice Annual Report to the President as an effective faith based model in addressing domestic violence. Time To Fly is one of the few organizations invited to the White House to witness the 2003 Presidential inaugural proclamation instituting October as National Domestic Violence Awareness month in the United States. In June 2009, the office of Vice President Biden invited Time To Fly to the White House to meet Lynn Rosenthal, the newly appointed White House Advisor on Violence Against Women. The Governor of Virginia recognized the work of Time To Fly in restoring the quality of life for Virginias with a Proclamation Against Domestic Violence.

Michele Jones received, Excellence in Community Leadership Award by Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County Government, Founding Member of Domestic Violence Faith Communities in Action and she served a three-year appointed term as a Commissioner For Women by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to focus on improving equality for women and children in Fairfax County. 

Michele is a #1 best selling author of “Tired Of Being…STUCK?!” and “Your Call To Freedom!” an interactive book with bible based tools to heal from abusive relationships. Each is available in English and Spanish. She is a CINE Golden Eagle Award Recipient as Executive Producer for the faith based inspirational short film- “A Time To Dream Again!”.

She has been invited to share the journey and mission of Time To Fly on national and local television and radio, at women’s conferences, and at churches and business forums. Time To Fly provides onsite community awareness sessions to educate the church on the spiritual dynamics of these behaviors with proven ways to make a positive impact.

We thank our dedicated supporters, partners and volunteers for positioning us to spread from “brick and mortar” directly to her…handbag!


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