"My First Love!" Brunch Information 

Come celebrate lives restored and raise awareness "THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE!"   This Outreach Event is for Ministers, Community Leaders, Social Workers and Those With A Passion To Help Women Heal From Abuse. Expect An Inspiring, Informative and Dynamic Morning with a delicious meal as we raise proceeds to further the work of the mission. Gifts and Drawing Raffle Prizes!

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For Available Ways To Participate: 

  • Table Host Sponsorship [Includes Web Postings & Goodie Bag]
  • Brunch Volunteer Teams [Includes TTF Gift Momento]
  • Individual Ticket $47 [Portion is Tax-Deductible]

Guest Music: Angela Bryant- Brown

Guest Speakers: Pastor Danell Perkins of RISE Community Church

Angela Mederos- Regional Director, Arbonne


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